Navigating Epilepsy: The Road Ahead

Epilepsy in the summer of 2012 in New York and New Jersey

summerQuality of life in epilepsy can be enriched if you are part
of a strong epilepsy community and keep yourself active and creative.  The second half of 2012 in New York and New
Jersey is looking dynamic and there are plenty of opportunities to get out and
enjoy the season and meet others.

In July, a knitting club started in our Northeast Regional Epilepsy
Group Hackensack, New Jersey office.  The
instructor and all the members are patients who have seizures. Everything being
created by the members is Purple in preparation for November and Epilepsy
Awareness.  And while they knit, they
also chat and have a yummy snack. This first club was so successful that it encouraged
us to start knitting clubs in August and September at our Manhattan and White
Plains offices.

There is almost nothing you can do nowadays if you don’t know how to use a
computer.  So, why not learn how to use
one?  We found a high school student who
agreed to come to our White Plains, NY and Hackensack, NJ offices to teach computer
basics to our patients.  Two things he
will cover are: how to look for jobs on-line and how to use different social

Epilepsy support groups run all year long except over the summer in many of our
offices.  In August, the Lenox Gastaut
Foundation will be offering a free and open support group for family members of
persons diagnosed with Lenox Gastaut in Hackensack, NJ.

On Monday, August 13, our patients are invited to go peach
picking at Alstede Farms in New Jersey.  We’ve
rented a bus to take all the peach pickers there from our Hackensack office.   In
autumn we’re planning a pumpkin or apple picking trip in New York State. Stay
tuned for details.

A strong and active epilepsy community is what we need to
work for every day.  Do you have any good
ideas, please share with us.  We’re

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  1. Susan McDermott says:

    The important factor we must acknowledge is those with the epilepsy condition can and must look forward in life. Speaking from experience when initially diagnosed, I was also devastated, as suddenly I wasn’t “normal”.

    However by following the ethos of advice and moral support of a friend (occupational therapist), I have been married, have 3 sons, and built a successful career.

    We must understand that we are part of the community, we are just like everyone else, so what that we occasionally act “differently”?

    Now that I have finally gained “control” (due to successful neurosurgery), and recovered efficiently within 15 months due to study, (neuroplasticity as explained by Dr Doidge is a reality). I can confidently say we are just like everyone else, we may just occasionally lack control leading also to self confidence.

    The way I have been able to succeed personally, professionally and psychologically through life is by always looking forward.

    Consider these points, be strong in your inner self, you are here for a purpose, lead, don’t follow.

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