Navigating Epilepsy: The Road Ahead

Navigating epilepsy in Pereira, Colombia- XVth Annual Epilepsy Conference organized by the Colombian International League Against Epilepsy

pereira-IMG-20120731-060733-164x164Last week, I had the pleasure of being invited to Colombia
with two of my colleagues from the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group to the
XVth Annual Epilepsy Congress.  It was a
truly one of the richest experiences I have had in Navigating Epilepsy in recent years.

The congress was held in the main area for coffee farming in
Colombia-the land of Juan Valdez.  The
congress organizers-Dr. Orlando Carreno and Claudia Carreno as well as
Neurocentro put together an  A-list
program.  All in all, they gathered 16
neurosurgeons, epileptologists, and neuropsychologists from the US, Europe,
Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, and Chile.  In
addition, they had some of the best Colombian doctors under the same roof.

The speakers presented on advanced epilepsy surgical
procedures, new anti-epileptic medications, presurgical epilepsy work-ups, the
most accurate neuropsychological testing for Spanish speakers, and psychogenic
non-epileptic seizures.  Lively
discussions took place between the presenters and the epileptologists in the audience
and the air was charged with enthusiasm and a strong desire to grasp the best
ways to help patients with epilepsy.  Some
of the international experts were consulted in private on a couple of local epilepsy
cases that were not responding to any treatments.  Other doctors shared how they have been
traveling to other countries where their expertise is badly needed for the past
couple of years.  And a handful of the
local doctors and neuropsychologists started making arrangements to come to the
US to learn some of our practices which they plan to take back to South

We returned feeling energized and hopeful for persons with
epilepsy in South America.  We’re excited
to be able to collaborate with other professionals and have the sense that the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group’s
International Epilepsy Program has a real potential to make a difference.

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