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Epilepsy Awareness: The Purple Pumpkin Project

purpleI just heard about this amazingly creative and powerful epilepsy project today and didn’t want to lose any time getting the news out to the epilepsy community. We have less than six weeks to go before Halloween rolls around.
The Purple Pumpkin Project is the creation of a dad (Ron LaMontagne). His 7-year-old son has epilepsy. The idea for this project hit him when he was trying to see how he could raise awareness about epilepsy in his town of Berlin, CT. He reasoned since everybody is already carving and decorating pumpkins at this time of year, why not color them purple. This is a great conversation starter that can get you to speaking about “Purple is the color of epilepsy awareness.”
Ron and his family are going to host the first Purple Pumpkin Project event where families can get together to paint and decorate pumpkins purple and learn about the epilepsy and seizures. Dad’s been in touch with the Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut and if all goes well, Sunday, Oct. 21 is going to be the first Purple Pumpkin Project Event.
If you get a chance, swing by the Purple Pumpkin Project Facebook page; they are up to 1385 “likes.” Ron was quoted as saying about his Facebook page in the article link below: “We have representation from all 50 states with people promising to decorate pumpkins purple.”
Although his idea was not to do this for fundraising but rather for epilepsy awareness, he is still welcoming donations that he promises to send to the Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut. He would also be really grateful if some donate pumpkins for the event.
Halloween, 2012: Let’s raise awareness for epilepsy and seizures by painting or displaying purple pumpkins this fall season. My pledge is in!

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  1. Megan Lamontagne says:

    Thanks for noticing us and for supporting us! We appreciate all our purple pumpkin people!

  2. The Purple Pumpkin Project says:

    Thank you so much for spreading the word about our effort. We appreciate the support.

  3. We are so excited to be a part of this project! Epilepsy has many faces and everyone of them is important and different. Please check out our Facebook page – Mahoning Valley Epilepsy Fund! Thanks for the great idea Ron!

  4. I can find only requests for funds….what about epileptics that need help, such as the elderly living n their own with no transporttion to dctors appointments?

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