Navigating Epilepsy: The Road Ahead

The 2013 National Epilepsy Walk-Team Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group will be there!

iStock_000007655825Small-150x150On April 20, team Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group will be marching along the National Mall raising funds for the American Epilepsy Society to support the education of epilepsy specialists and novel research in epilepsy and seizures.
Our epilepsy team has grown to huge proportions compared to other years (over 30 members) and represents an incredible combination of epilepsy doctors, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, social workers, support staff, patients who have epilepsy, parents, and other loved ones. Everyone on the team has worked hard to spread the word and many have had to juggle responsibilities and personal finances to pay for the trip and the overnight stay. But everyone is committed because the urgency of sharing epilepsy education and raising monies for epilepsy research is painfully clear to patients, families and doctors alike.
This year, our team has broken a second major record: we have raised over $5000 already (which was the super ambitious goal we initially set for ourselves) and are still going very strong. There has been something really unique about our fundraising this year; we have counted with the invaluable support of many of our very talented and motivated patients and we have all been “thinking out of the box.” Just some of the ways in which we have gone about raising funds for epilepsy included: one of the parents holding fundraisers at her spa, placing fundraising buckets in all our waiting rooms and at our Purple Day booths, raffling purple scarves made and donated by patients in our offices and in local NJ town stores, alerting “friends” through Facebook, emails, Twitter, and all sorts of social medias. The epilepsy community and the community as a whole have come together and dollar upon dollar, our treasure chest has grown before our eyes.
This epilepsy blog post one more of our 2013 calls for help to the epilepsy community. If you are reading this, please go to our page and join as a “virtual walker,” as a “full fledged team member,” or through a monetary donation. Remember: no donation is too small or too big.

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