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Purple Pumpkin Project for Epilepsy 2013

purple-pumpkin-flowers-164x164Last year, loving father and epilepsy advocate, Ron Lamontagne, came up with a small local idea in Connecticut when brainstorming on how to get people to talk more about epilepsy.  Little did he know that in just a few months, this initiative would turn into a massive movement that spread all over the US.  The nation was rapidly populated with purple pumpkins of all sizes, shapes, materials and many of these produced the much-sought after question: Why is you pumpkin purple?   That opened the way to being able to be able to talk about epilepsy:

Just a few sample answers to the question about why your pumpkin is purple:


*Purple is the official color of epilepsy

*Over 2 million people have epilepsy in the USA

*Epilepsy is not contagious

*The right way to do first aid during a seizure does not involve putting anything in the mouth or forcibly restraining the person.

*There are many kinds of epileptic seizures-not just the kind you see on TV.

Last year, as soon as the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group offices heard about Mr. Lamontagne’s project they decided to host purple pumpkin events in New York and New Jersey. The turnout was incredible.  Kids and adults (parents and staff) had an exciting and messy time painting, sparkling, and coloring in our conference rooms.

Again this year, our patients of all ages are invited in for a fun day of painting and decorating pumpkins that will afterwards be carted off home and proudly exhibited on porches or windowsills.  By spreading those purple pumpkins all over our New York and New Jersey neighborhoods we’re planting seeds for neighbors to ask that super question and this will help to get people started talking about epilepsy and learning real facts.  Here’s hoping you’ll join us if you’re nearby or set up your own purple pumpkin event wherever you live.

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  1. Taryn Ferguson says:

    This is a GREAT idea! Thanks to linkedin and these groups/discussions, I have found another outlet. With Halloween being my favorite holiday and purple is one of my favorite colors, I am definitely participating in this! I can’t wait to get my glue, paint, glitter, and other supplies to create some of the most interesting pumpkins ever.

  2. I am going to put out a purple pumpkin this year and share this post. Bought some supplies yesterday at a tag sale to get me started!

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