Navigating Epilepsy: The Road Ahead

The 2014 National Epilepsy Walk in Washington, DC-Team Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group will be there!

washOn March 22, Team Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group will be marching along the National Mall raising funds for the American Epilepsy Society to support epilepsy and seizures research and the education of epilepsy specialists.
This year, as of today, our epilepsy team has the most team members (20 walkers) out of all the AES teams and just like last year is made up of epilepsy doctors, neuropsychologists, support staff, persons living with epilepsy, parents, and other loved ones. Everyone on the team is working hard to spread the word and to raise funds and awareness. As of today, we have raised $1135 which broke through our initial goal of $1000. But this is still placing us in fourth place so we need to do much more to get to a better spot!
Volunteer patients and family members have been creating beautiful purple scarves and bracelets that are being raffled to raise funds.  Most of our offices in New York and New Jersey are selling these raffle tickets and we also have a Wall of Honor for donors.  Our staff has also placed fundraising buckets in most of our waiting rooms and we have all been alerting “friends” through Facebook, emails, Twitter, and all sorts of social medias. The epilepsy community and the community as a whole are coming together again this year and we are still going strong during the last month we have left.
Last year, one week before the walk occurred, the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group doctors MATCHED what our team had raised.  We hope to keep raising funds during these last few weeks for when the amount raised is matched again this year, so please help!
The Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group docs have donated travel funds to our three local Epilepsy Foundations (New Jersey, Connecticut and Northeastern NY) to help local members travel to DC (for transportation and hotel costs).  If you live in these areas, don’t delay in contacting your epilepsy foundation to apply.
This epilepsy blog post is one more of our 2014 calls for help to the epilepsy community. If you are reading this, please go to our page and join as a “virtual walker,” as a “full fledged team member,” or through a monetary donation. Remember: no donation is too small or too big.

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