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New Year’s Resolutions: Maybe?

As I was searching for topics and ideas for this month’s blog posting I happened upon some thoughts on the power of MAYBE. Many of us know about the power of positive thinking but what about the power of maybe? This is what I took away from my research, I think it is a great way to start the new year!
Many of us will make resolutions and set goals for the new year. We may want to start a new job, take on a new project, be more social, lose some weight, be “happier” and many more. In January, some of us will start working on these endeavors with hope and a positive outlook. But what happens when something we never expected happens and life throws us a curveball? Some people are able to stay positive and focused and work through these hurdles. But for many of us the unexpected is extremely anxiety producing. When we don’t see the results that we hoped for we become overwhelmed with worry and get stressed that things won’t work out or will get even worse. We simply cannot hold on to a positive outlook in the face of an uncertain future. Because of this, some of us endure tremendous stress and worry or worse give up entirely.
But what about “MAYBE”? . Maybe is a mindset that reminds us to acknowledge that, for every situation we experience, there are numerous ways it may resolve. Maybe there is a chance a situation that we are facing will work out well or Maybe we will find a new solution or Maybe we will be all right no matter what happens. The essence of “Maybe” or “what may be” contains the hope within uncertainty.
By holding onto Maybe, we can still work on our goals and resolutions while we find new ways to accomplish them. Even though things did not change right away or we did not start exactly as we had planned Maybe there is still opportunity. Holding onto the idea of Maybe we can stay open and calm because we can realize that we are not stuck or doomed because the answer is not clear in the moment but rather that life can unfold in many ways. We are not just “leaving things to chance” but instead we are expanding our minds to embrace all that can be.
So as you make those New Year’s Resolutions just remember to say Maybe!

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