Navigating Epilepsy: The Road Ahead

Lorna Myers, Ph.D.

Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by to take a look at our blog.  My name is Lorna Myers and I am a clinical psychologist and co-director of Epilepsy Life Links our epilepsy advocacy program at the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group.  I obtained my doctorate from CUNY and have been working in epilepsy-neuropsychology, psychological treatment, and advocacy for 10 years.  Over the years I’ve seen the need for resources, information, and community efforts to improve quality of life in epilepsy.  This blog’s aim is to support those whose lives have been touched by epilepsy to get one step closer to living life to its fullest potential and spread the word to anyone who is willing to hear about epilepsy education and support.

Epilepsy Life Links

Epilepsy Life Links (ELL) is the advocacy arm of the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group (NEREG).  NEREG is a multi-site epilepsy practice in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut that offers unique services and comprehensive care to children and adults with epilepsy.  Epilepsy Life Links provides a comprehensive array of supports and life-improvement opportunities for persons diagnosed with epilepsy and seizure disorders.  Our programs focus on the physical and mental well-being of persons with epilepsy by promoting education, accessibility to health care, peer communication, and a sense of community.